Why Harlotry in the Church is Written

I wrote this because I love the true church as the Lord intended it to be. There have been times in history where we can see that the church body of the people were beautiful in the beauty of holiness. The more time I spend with the Lord and in the Word of God and read biographies of the saints before us, I see how confused that the church is today. Because of confusion and faulty teachings and counsel by the leaders of the church, it is no longer beautiful.

When I think upon the real church and the little that the Lord shows me, I see men and women working together in joy, women in faces clean of any makeup with radiance written upon their faces. The sweat upon their brow is visible as they hurriedly and excitedly do works from the Lord or go to another sister in the Lord’s home to share about a prayer or something the Lord has done for their family or another’s. I see crying in joy in the church. I the saints swiftly and strongly running to the aid of a family that has lost their home to bring them into their homes and provide them with nourishment, clothing and love. I see encouragement and prayers during great persecutions.

I see all the saints alone spending time with the Lord in prayer. Heads bowed, confessing sins and asking to be made clean so they can hear from the magnificent God and not lose their beautiful place with him. I see them praying for others, praying that they stay on course, not to falter in any way for it would take away from the intended work that God has for them that could possibly effect multitudes. I see the tears roll down their faces as they get closer and closer, drawing deeper and deeper into prayer until they come to a quiet place of silence before the Lord. I see them emerging fresh and radiant from their rooms or studies with eyes fixed upward so that whatever criticism or bad news touches them that it will be in its proper place, upon the earth while the thoughts are up in heaven.

I see them when they are soon to perish with that last desperate cry to make known the One who has transformed their whole being, so that others could experience this glorious place as they have and have communion with the Living God.

We love the church, we just hate what man has done to it through disobedience to God and the complete lack of communion with Him.  As my husband shared; “I don’t hate the church, I love the church. If I did not, I would say nothing about it and let it continue on the course that it is on.”