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Update: February 2018

Harlotry in the Church book has been nearly complete for 3 years now. We will most likely publish on Kindle and sell for a dollar and contribute whatever comes in to the poor or needy. I’m glad it’s been a few years, it’s done something to me. I don’t see the book as my “masterpiece” anymore. I think I’m in the right place now.  To the contrary, I don’t see it as that great anymore and don’t think most of the church wants to hear anyways. But, yet I still feel that place of the Holy Spirit prompting me not to hide it. I’ll update when I have it published, I have to edit and pull it all together now… not so fun.


I have been writing a book called, “Harlotry in the Church” over the past couple of years.  The Lord would lead me to write a few pages on a topic pertaining to the church from time to time and I came to see this as the development of a book. While I am still writing on this subject and this is my first book to be published, I do not know when it will be finished. Sometimes He’ll open me up to write several chapters in a month. lately, He had me wait 8 months before lifting the pen. I am in no hurry as I am waiting on the Lord’s timing.

God has opened up so much for me this past year. My husband is writing on a similar topic as well so we have so much to talk about throughout the day in our oneness in marriage. We are truly just starting to see the purpose for why the Lord put us together in marriage. It is truly beautiful to see our calling unfold together in unity in our marriage.

“Harlotry in the Church” is not just a book about the problem of immodest attire in the church. The immodest dress is actually a manifestation of the deeper problems in man, in leadership and in the church. The book is comprised of a mixed bag of topics, but they all fit together. Some of the topics included are about the hidden man, idolatry, worship, the need for shame, division of the brethren, the judgment of God, and the culture of the church.

This book has come about through time, experience, illumination from the Lord, study, prayer and patience. My husband and I have been followers of the Lord for over 27 years now. We have been to denominations from the Pentecostal, tongues speaking church to the Calvinistic churches and recently these past years the Anabaptist (Mennonite) churches. We have both served in leadership in homeless ministry and have seen the troubles and effects of the heretical teaching regarding lust, immodest dress and more. It encompasses the Pentecostal church all the way to the Anabaptist church.  My husband has talked to multiple leaders within the church and besides a few close friends of ours, has yet to find a Pastor who doesn’t profess boldly that he and the other leaders in his church have a problem with lust.



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