The Perfect Husband


We are living in a day where the only way to really get a man is by sex appeal. The woman has to “lure” a man in with her bait (clothing, body and sex appeal), in order to get him to her front door and once in, soon she starts to reveal herself. She starts to reveal her true self to a man; her convictions, her loves, her dislikes, hopes and desires for a future. She reveals her past in hopes of his continued loyal love, she reveals herself as a person. She wishes that he will follow and go deeper with her, but sadly he stays at the door.

The man who does not love Jesus will always stay at the door emotionally. He will always be lured by other women outside that door and as much as you want to think differently, he will not think you are anything “special” to him because he knows that he can get what he has anywhere else. All your efforts in keeping your body fit, your clothing fit just so to bring a man into a place of commitment will never bring you happiness. If a man is persuaded by your beauty and charm, he will be persuaded by other women’s beauty and charm.

Sadly, I’m sure you are familiar with this already, whether he is your husband or boyfriend, you are familiar with the feeling or knowledge that he is drawn to other women with his eyes. Your friends or family share quaint, little sayings to justify their own pain and make the situation menial by saying such things as, “Boys will be boys”, or “Men are built differently so they have different needs than us.” But, these are all lies. A man who loves Jesus, loves the deeper things in life. He is not attracted to the beauty of this world and it’s charms. In fact, a man who loves Jesus does not look or lust at other women. He calls his wife his own and cherishes her above everything on this earth besides Jesus.

A woman is built in such a fashion that she needs a husband in her life. She has an innate nature in her to want to be “pleasing” to him. When men were living in a time where their wives dressed modestly with long dresses and aprons, faces clean of makeup and walking about with a baby in her hands or the Bible, it was because this was what the men desired and the women followed. Now we live in a time where the men desire scantily clad dressed women who can appease their sexual appetites and  that they can show off to their friends. Women have just followed men to dress and act in a certain manner of today because it is the desires of the men. Women want to be pleasing to men so we give them what they want.

The problem here lies with some huge issues. First, men have turned away from God and women have followed. Second, men are always combatting lust issues that they can never get on top of and women are feeling hurt and angry because of these issues. No matter how much a woman gives of herself to a man in sexual pleasures or dress that appeals to the appetite of man, she can never win him over or satisfy him. He will always have desires for other women and never gain real respect or honor from the woman he is with. Over the years, a woman becomes weary in having to “upkeep” her place of beauty before a man. Many women struggle with deeper insecurities the older they get because they know the hearts of their man. God did not design us women to feel insecure, rather He designed us to be very secure and have strength to carry forth through life in prosperity (not riches).

The only hope a woman such as yourself has is to hear the Truth, believe the Truth and then walk in it. I am going to share something with you that is not preached here hardly at all in this Nation anymore. The persecuted countries are very familiar with what I am going to share. The times of past where people were the closest to God and where there were outpourings of people getting saved knew this. But, not here in America. Here a pastor does not want to share about the intimacy of God, mostly because he does not know it and secondly, because he fears what man will think about him.

The Bible says, “For thy maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.” (Isaiah 54:5) When a woman gives her life to the Lord and surrenders her whole being to Him to follow His ways and be one of His, she becomes His bride. Let me make this clear, if you repent of your ways and give your heart to the Lord, He will be your husband. This is pure gospel of Jesus Christ. It is in the Word of God and many of us men and women know this to be true. Being a bride of the Lord is a very intimate place. It is much more intimate than you have ever had with a man.

What does the Bible say in the next verse? “For the LORD hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God.” (Isaiah 54:6) God knows that any woman who is not His has been forsaken and grieved in her life by other people and other men. He wants to be your husband. He wants you to be His wife. I know it sounds crazy because you have probably never heard of such a thing, but it is all over the Bible. Do you know that you could have the most Perfect Husband in the world? Do you know that you could have a Husband who will never forsake you, who will look out for your well being and your family? Do you know that you can have intimacy with Him because He will share things with you to help you in your ways with life if you would only give your life to Him?

Yes, people who are alive today who have a relationship with the Living God and are considered His bride, hear from Him. They hear beautiful things from Him that steer them away from danger or from making a mistake in marrying the wrong person. I remember after being with a man all night, I was sitting on a couch and looking out the window at the sea. I felt dirty in my sins and was tired of the same ole ways. I asked the Lord really quietly, “Lord, I want a holy man.” He shared back with me, “You need to be a holy woman.” Now when I say I hear God’s voice, it isn’t an audible voice. I have never heard God’s audible voice. But, I assure you I have heard His voice many times. He has told me things that I would never have thought of on my own or that were completely contrary to how I would have thought before being saved and they always line up with the Bible. They are always right and pure and have led me to become the woman I am now, married to a holy man who cherishes me above all women and sees women who are dressed scantily or seductive as women who are sad and empty, tired and sometimes confident in nothing. His heart is changed towards women because God talks to him too and he has been shown by God the deeper reasons why women dress immodestly. A man who is not saved, will never be able to see immodestly dressed women in the way the Lord sees them. Never. He will always have desires towards them no matter who they are. He can only follow himself as he is not following God and because he does not have the truth in him from God, his beliefs that rest upon his own knowledge will only lead him to lust or adultery (which are the same).

If you are tired of your ways of life with men and all the acts of beauty and vanity that avail to nothing but pain, please consider what I have shared. People have had such intimacy with the Lord that they have lost their lives because of it. They could not betray their Husband. He had done so much for them, they had more belief in Him than this world that they would die for Him. You can have intimacy with the Lord as a Husband. You can be fulfilled by Him. You can have a better life and let Him choose a godly husband for you one day after He makes you a godly woman. And He can! You can have a much better life and look back on your deathbed with tears of gratitude in your eyes for taking heed to Him calling you to Him. May you please consider what your life could be with your maker as your Husband.