Imprint of Love

Imprint of Love was used at a funeral in 2004. I was interning as a Chaplain at Overlake Hospital in Washington and one of the family members of a beloved woman that passed away asked permission to use this:


The imprint that each one has left,
Can not be measured nor forgot.
Each life is like a light to me,
How precious life from God can be.

Our hearts may grieve in pain and loss,
The depths, one can’t explain.
The time it takes, no one is told
For each was precious to behold.

Yet, hope comes when we realize,
The truth gained through our loss.
The imprint that each one has left,
Has now been left for us.

How wondrous when we think on this,
Through love and unity.
That we can sare what we’ve received,
With friends and family.

On generations soon to come,
On many other’s lives.
We cannot number just how much,
Our lives affect the ones we touch.

So do not sorrow very long,
As those who have no hope.
One day will come we hope to see,
Them waiting patiently.