If You Only Knew

The following poem, “If You Only Knew”, was written for part of my family in Yakima in July 2003 after their 16 year old son died in a rollover automobile accident:


Mom, I Love you like never before,
For now I know how much you loved me.
My Father is here, he’s holding my hand.
I’m happy inside, so much peace, love and security.

He’s sent angels to help you during this time,
And family and friends to share.
He’s greater than any of you can imagine,
I can’t wait for you to meet Him here.

I wish you could see this, He’s crying now.
He sees you on my bed.
He’s waiting for you to call upon Him,
So He can give you rest.

So many people are praying for you, for dad and brother too,
Thousands of angels like never before,
Things I never knew.

I have no sorrow for this thing I know,
Is this family’s forever, for my Father says so.