Who’s Missing From Your Life?

A fictitious scene:  Maggie, a 68 year old married mother of two daughters finally succumbs to cancer. When she finds herself at Jesus’s feet He shares good things with her for a while before pausing. “Maggie, there’s one area in your life that affected not only you but many generations. Let me show you.”He shows her a vision of what her life would have been had she not taken birth control pills for ten years before having her tubes tied.

In this vision she sees herself crying with joy in many scenes over 7 more children that were to be born to her. Baby girls in pink blankies with soft, pink lips, sleeping against her breast in the quiet darkness of the night. Beautiful baby boys so fragile and innocent, she wonders how they will be men one day raising their own families. She only wants to love and protect them. One has a brown blanket that she knit for him, he keeps it in his bed until he’s nearly twelve. Another son she sees at the age of three coming in the house with tears because he fell off his little scooter. He looks just like her father she lost when she was only 16 years old. She cherishes that he reminds her of him so. Another daughter she sees at the age of sixteen, helping her around the house. Oh what would she have done without her Hannah who always seemed to stay by her side and help her with little things. She then saw all of her children and many grandchildren at her bedside crying and rejoicing that she was going to Jesus when she died. They continued to be a big part of each other’s lives, helping each other in their needs, especially as they aged.

Maggie dropped to her knees and wept as Jesus showed her who these children and grandchildren would have been to her. The Thanksgivings where she and Hannah and her daughter in law Joy prepared not one turkey but four because she already had over 60 members in the family. Thank God she had a large farm house with a huge basement and several acres for everyone to gather and the children to run around in joy. Christmas time where they all gathered together in the candle lit home, to sing hymns together. So many voices, so many children, grandchildren and lives that meant so much to her.

“I’m sorry Maggie.” Jesus’s eyes dropped holy tears as He embraced her.


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