Our household is not voting for Trump and we won’t be voting for Clinton either. Some months ago I read something by Spurgeon that stuck with me. He wrote, “When having to choose between the lesser of two evils, choose neither.” We will not vote for Trump just because he’s a “Republican.” His character and composition as a man does nothing but make me turn my very being from him. We cannot vote for him and will not.

As my husband just shared, “We’re responsible when we vote.” When the multitude of people wanted Jesus crucified, Pilate asked them of what evil Jesus had done. When he knew that he could not prevail in getting the people to turn their hearts, he washed his hands saying “I am innocent of the blood of this just person.” We as Christians do not need to vote for either. If you were forced to pick one false idol over another false idol would you pick one? I know most Christians are very uncomfortable in voting for Trump but they also don’t feel comfortable voting for Hilary. We don’t HAVE to vote. We’re not forced to.

I think as Christians we see our country going the way of great ruin and destruction soon. But we do not need to fear if we are Christians, even if persecution comes. God will have judgement on our people and country in order to make them cry out to Him. This is a good thing! Let’s not be afraid of the future.

Last thought…Voting in this election is like choosing between Sodom or Gomorrah.


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