What Scriptures Did Jesus and the Apostles Teach From?

And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.  Revelation 22:19


I have been reading on Christian history for a couple of years now. I read it for one reason, to seek out truth. History reveals what has stood time for thousands of years. It shows us what has changed recently too and we should be more than curious as to why the common church and our culture has turned away from holiness so quickly. I yearn to know where we have taken up customs and lies that are not a part of Christ’s plan for us and where we have dismissed some truths that should be a part of our lives…. many things that have stayed with our forefathers and the saints before us… things that were present with Christ that are no longer with us.

This is where I turn to the one thing that stands above all customs and all things – The Word of God. In my ignorance in following the common church, I believed the Bible was complete from beginning to end. In my ignorance in the customs and culture of today, in what I have been taught, I believed the Word of God contained 66 Books. I have found to my surprise that many books have been removed that Jesus and the Apostles spoke from and taught from. These books have stood the time until the 1880’s.

Here are some things you need to know:

“The Septuagint was the first translation of the Hebrew Bible; and was made in the third century B.C. by Jewish scribes, who were direct descendents of those trained in Ezra’s Great Synagogue of Jerusalem. They were complete experts in the text, being very well versed in Hebrew and Greek.”   biblestudytools.com

The Septuagint is what Jesus and the Apostles studied and taught from. Guess what books were a part of the Septuagint that were removed in the 1880’s? You got it, the Apocrypha. This is what gets me more than any other thing… Jesus taught, spoke and studied from the Septuagint that included the Apocrypha books that have been with the church for CENTURIES until recently. If the Apocrypha books were cultish or evil, wouldn’t He have said something?

“Before the 1880’s every English Protestant Bible printed had 80 books, not 66! The inter-testamental books written hundreds of years before Christ called the “Apocrypha” were part of virtually every printing of the Tyndale-Matthew’s Bible, The Great Bible, The Bishop’s Bible, The Protestant Geneva Bible, and The King James Bible until their removal in the 1880’s. The original 1611 King James contained the Apocrypha, and King James threatened anyone who dared to print the Bible without the Apocrypha with heavy fines and a year in jail. Only for the last 120 years has the Protestant church rejected these books, and removed them from their Bibles. This has left most modern day Christians believing the popular myth that there is something “Roman Catholic” about the Apocrypha. This is however, no truth in that myth and no widely acceptable reason for the removal of the Apocrypha in the 1880’s has ever been officially issued by a mainline Protestant denomination.”  Marsh, E.C, Apocrypha Books of the King James Bible

“…by rejecting the deuterocanonicals, Javneh (Jewish counsel) rejected books which had been used by Jesus and the apostles and which were in the edition of the Bible that the apostles used in everyday life—the Septuagint.

Christian acceptance of the deuterocanonical books was logical because the deuterocanonicals were also included in the Septuagint, the Greek edition of the Old Testament which the apostles used to evangelize the world. Two thirds of the Old Testament quotations in the New are from the Septuagint. Yet the apostles nowhere told their converts to avoid seven books of it. Like the Jews all over the world who used the Septuagint, the early Christians accepted the books they found in it. They knew that the apostles would not mislead them and endanger their souls by putting false scriptures in their hands—especially without warning them against them.”                                                 Akin, James,  http://www.ewtn.com

We have all been taught that the Apocrypha is not canonical. Who decided that what Jesus and His Apostles read and taught was not part of the Bible? Intellectual men who have forsaken the wisdom of God (that comes from prayers and and upright life), I suppose. Did you know that Rabbis met in 90 AD to declare the Gospels unfit? And what would we say about Martin Luther?  “Luther made an attempt to remove the books of Hebrews, James, Jude and Revelation from the canon.”  Luther’s Canon   Men have tried to take it upon themselves for years to decide what is part of the Bible and what is not. I think if we want to be safe, we can go back to what Jesus considered part of the Bible. Just because we have been reading the Word of God without the Apocrypha during our entire lives does not make it right.

This is all new to me, I will admit. I am still seeking the Lord and reading the Apocrypha for myself in an open and prayerful spirit to the Lord. I do not want to go against Him and consider something as sacred writings that is not, but I do not want to miss out on what I believe has been missing from the Word of God these past 130 years or so. If you are unsure about all of this, seek the Lord in prayer and do some research yourself. I have never read the Apocrypha or even had a curiosity about it due to fear and ignorance. But when I first started to question, two years ago, while reading about Christian history on why these books were removed, it never went away. I had to pray about it and do some research myself.





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2 Responses to What Scriptures Did Jesus and the Apostles Teach From?

  1. Thank You Hadassah! I frequently study info on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Church History. We are Church of Christ (COC) which is not a denomination, but developed from following Paul’s example, and writings/teachings of The Lord’s Church. I’ve always known that there were more books in the Bible. I just never even thought about the current Bible not being the original Bible Jesus preached from. I do know how England and other Countries leaders created and removed things. We do study the OT, we feel the history and prophecy is very important, but our (COC) faith and hope lies in the NT since we are gentiles. The COC churches are not united in any way other than the Bible, no doctrines etc. And right now the COC is struggling more than ever to stay true to the Word. Doctrine and rules creeping in. Many no longer singing acappella.
    I hope this makes some sense- ;o) I’m trying to keep it short. I’m just sharing my thoughts. I have no disagreement with anything you wrote.
    I “saved” this and will refer to your links and study more. I really enjoyed this and I can “hear” your heart is in the right place. Thank You! I look forward to hearing more from you on this and searching/asking other diligent followers myself!
    (((HUGS))) prayers and LOVE

    • hadassahgeraci says:

      Sorry I took so long to respond. I don’t get an e-mail if someone comments here and don’t check this for comments. Anyways, I do understand what you shared! What I love is even if we do disagree on something doctrinally or anything else, we are sisters in the Lord and I love what Paul wrote to the Corinthians about not disputing and arguing about geneologies, contentions and strivings about the law. We agree on the big things and the real things of Christ! : ) I’m sorry your church is struggling so much during this time. It seems that we’re at a time that we all see so much immorality that we can’t help but search for the Truth more and question things we never questioned before. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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