There is no such thing as a gay marriage. While we do not say “godly harlot,” because the two words are not congruent, likewise we do not say “gay marriage.” Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about men being married to men. Contrary, it talks about men lying with men and that it is an abomination to God. So while the world says gay marriage, we must say it for what it is, two men in cohabitation together committing abominations against God and mankind.

While men (or women) may go before a church or Justice of Peace to get married, THEY ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED. Marriage is ordained by God. God would not go against Himself so God would never ordain or bless a union between two men or two women.

If two sodomites are not getting married, then what are they doing when they go before a minister of a church or a Justice of Peace? They are receiving “approval” to continue in their acts of sodomy so they can receive benefits and rights as the married couple does.


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