“Oh Lord, You know how I still fear man, but I fear You more – I fear losing that which is most precious to me – my dear communion with You.”

I prayed this prayer today because I do not want to post this article. I wrote this article 3 years ago and have only given it to one woman who I saw in the store. It was obvious that her parents hadn’t talked with her about her dress. It was obvious that her pastor had not spoken to her about her dress. I knew I needed to give this article to her because someone needed to tell her.

I have waited to post this article because I have friends that are as dear to me as family and I do not want to be misunderstood. I fear being seen for that which I am not. I fear going through the pain of being misunderstood again by others who I love. I do not hate, this is not a hate site, I love. I love the ways of the Lord and am in a deep place of sorrow where the church is today. When I was young and in the ways of the flesh, I was in darkness when there was yet a bit of light in the world. Now I am in the Light of Christ but in a dark world that does not see.

Our views are shaped by our culture now, not the Bible.

Just the title of this article will make people believe I am evil. The title comes from the Bible, is God evil then? Isn’t this where our culture is going? Oh how far we are from God.


Written by Hadassah Geraci in 2013

It is a terrible and wicked thing to see a woman dressed in the attire of a whore as she disregards the place that God intends for woman. It is even more terrible to think that this woman is probably married, has borne children and has no regard for the innocent eyes of little children and married men to cast their eyes upon her. 

This woman is the epitome of selfishness. For all that is important to this woman is herself, with no regard to God and the worthy things in life; families, children, men and other women. She builds herself up with evil devices in order to lure men that they may cast their eyes upon her. And she has no shame like the common woman, for she displays her nudity for all to see as does the harlot on the street.

This woman has many sisters who are like-minded. They build each other up in wickedness and spend money upon themselves to be doted upon by men rather than using their worth to bless others in need. This woman in turn promotes her daughters to live in such a manner that they too may destroy the little of virtue that is left upon this earth. They turn their simple, bashful minds that are filled with hope, and eager to do good works in serving others, into self-serving children who are without hope.

This woman’s son who God made to love and cherish his wife and daughters, to be a leaders of Nations and a hope to other men, is destroyed by his mother right out of the womb. As a young boy he yearns for a motherly mother but finds that each day he faced with a harlot for a mother; a mother who bares her nudity to all with no shame, a mother who spends her days on building herself up in beauty rather than giving him the nurture he needs to become strong. Instead of being the example of a good and honorable woman that he may be drawn to such a woman in a wife one day, his image of woman is destroyed before he even becomes a man. 

When he becomes a man, he turns his bleak outlook on life to the flesh of women that he may receive some kind of exchange for the dull feeling that he feels inside. The pleasures of temporary sexual fulfillment never appease or satisfy the man’s soul though. They never substitute for what he is missing in a woman who is godly. The married man provides for his wife and children but he never has his heart into it as he would if he were with a woman of worth. There’s little value there and he knows it and somehow she knows it too.

He’s so occupied with living the life, providing for his home, raising children and lusting after other women that he pushes away at any thoughts that come his way about how he knows a woman should be. During Christmas, he may lightly think upon Mary the mother of Jesus, then look at his wife and daughters and see the contrite difference. Nothing motherly, nothing pure, nothing quiet, soft or lovely to see and hear.

It is heartbreaking, the pain and loss of goodness and life that most women cause for mankind today. The low cut blouse bought in fun and lightheartedness leads many good men to hell. The few good men that are left today cannot escape the filth and they tire of it greatly. They are sickened by it and see you as a whore. They are abhorred  by you and not drawn to you as other men. You are revolting to them, but no one tells you so because you are so busy trying to get the attention of other men (while you are probably married). You are to God as the woman in Ezekiel, chapter 16 who is as a wife that commits adultery and takes strangers instead of your husband. It says that they give gifts to all whores, but you give your gifts to your lovers that they may come unto you. You fashion yourself that they may all bow down to you, that they may all notice you and dote upon you. You are one of the greatest enemies of God. You destroy multitudes of men and nations, children and the God given sisterhood that has become a competitive, driven spirit in women today. You slay many and do not even know it.

You have had time on your side and opportunity all your days to follow Christ and let Him guide you in things that are good and pure, but you have chosen to follow the wicked ways of the world and you teach others to do the same. But, you do not need to do so any longer. You can turn to Christ in your tears now and have your latter days become prosperous in virtue, purity, good works and godliness. You can become a woman of good character that others may know you more by your holiness than by your lasciviousness. Christ can change you from being the woman whom I have described and used to be myself, to becoming an instrument of God to be used in helping change other’s lives for good. Please consider the effect you could have upon other souls during your short time here upon this earth. It is never too late and you are never too deep in your sins or your ways for Christ to forgive you and give you the life that God intended for you to live. May you consider your ways…

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