Women and Voting

It appears to any common Christian that there would be nothing wrong with a woman voting. She should have a voice and her position should count for something. But, have you ever given thought that there could be something deeper than what we see and hear on the surface? Here’s something so very simple that I am going to share with you that is overlooked by the multitudes.

Did you know that women didn’t vote because when their husbands voted, his vote counted for the entire household? A man and woman’s house was not divided. They were of the same body and mind and when a woman’s husband cast a vote, she was right there with him even if she was not physically present with him.

A man used to have position in his home. When he made a decision, it counted for his entire home. His wife, children and servants (depending on what era), would never be considered to be apart from him on his decisions. If a man spoke a word when a man’s word was gold, he was not speaking of himself. He was speaking for his entire family because he represented his family and their morals and character because they followed him.

God still has such a beautiful place for the marriage and family in unity under Him. Marriage is supposed to have such strength, unity and vitality but it ┬áhas been perverted so much over the last century that very few can find the way to a prosperous and beautiful marriage anymore. We women have lost so much sanctity and beauty in marriage because self has exalted itself to seek it’s own way or it’s own voice instead of cleaving to our husband’s as a shield and saying, “I am with you, I will follow you wherever you go dear.”


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