Christian Persecution in America

I want to share something that I came across today while looking up some sources regarding Christian persecution in America. Here is a compilation of account after account of Christian persecution right here in America. The Liberty Institute has a free download of their 189 page survey right here:


Here’s one example that you will find on their survey:

“Bible Distribution Lambasted by Freedom From Religion Foundation Members of Gideons International distributed Bibles in front of the University of Wisconsin Hospital. In response, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the hospital a letter complaining about the distribution of Bibles and demanding the hospital prevent the Gideons from handing them out in the future. The hospital submitted to FFRF’s demands to prevent the distribution of Bibles.

Although you may wonder how this ties in with the content of this website, this is actually a subject that I am addressing in my upcoming book, “Harlotry in the Church.” There is a relationship between the church and the religious persecution that we are seeing more than ever these last few years.”


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